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Yup, this is I (teachers of grammar have become my target audience)

What do I say about me and Rhapsody Theatre?

Here's my "elevator pitch": "I am passionate about communication and theatre. My hands-on experience with theatre helps me deliver a range of solutions, from ad copy to stageplays. On the professional front, I write screenplays for corporate films too."

I am a qualified M.Com, MDBA (IMDR), DCA (NCC, UK) and have recently attained a Professional Certificate in Communication from Trinity Guildhall, London, UK.

I started my own theatre group, Rhapsody Theatre, in 2001. It's in a bit of a slump right now because I haven't been able to find passionate theatre enthusiasts. Amateur theatre is like that. I hope to be able to convey what theatre really means to diverse audiences through personal workshops as well as my theatre blog here. And, of course, I'm looking for groups who want a stageplay script or a performance.

Look around my site, then please... sign my Guestbook! (The link's also on the Navi-bar on the left of your screen)

Tell me what you'd like to see on this site or in private... I'll do my best to give you the info you need. Rhapsody Theatre is for you - always.

If you'd like to stay abreast of the theatre scene in Pune or act in a production or learn more about theatre or even initiate a dialogue on theatre, please feel free to join my rhapsodytheatre e-group. Click the link below to join (it's absolutely free of charge or obligation):

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Download it!  DMCV.pdf.

I'm in the process of updating it with more clients and news.

Contact Info

Here's how you can get in touch:

Snail Mail:

Deepak Morris
689, New Nana Peth,
Pune 411 002

Phone: +91-98231-21336

(Please do not call or Whatsapp asking for details on how to join. ALL details are here. Call only if you need a Director or a play or musical written and / or staged for you).

e-mail: deepakmorris@rhapsodytheatre.org

Just to know how many visit :-)

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